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Trump Was Always A Politician

The night before the U.S. election, I stood in front of a Japanese audience at a 500 Startups event and said, “if Trump is elected, on behalf of all Americans, I sincerely apologize.” I said it half-jokingly. But little did I know, my words would foreshadow one of the biggest upsets in U.S. history.

A lot of people, including myself, are trying to make sense of what happened. How could someone like Donald Trump get elected? This must be a dream. Or a nightmare. Because it can’t possibly be reality…

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Inherently Global vs Inherently Local Startups? We like both!

Sometimes local entrepreneurs assume that since we are a venture capital firm based out of Silicon Valley, we are primarily interested in Japanese companies that want to “go global.” That thinking is understandable. Our strengths are within our global brand and network, so of course we would want to focus on where we can add the most value. However, that is really only half of our story. We certainly want to support entrepreneurs with global aspirations, but we actually like both sides of the spectrum: inherently global AND inherently local businesses.

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