What Are Venture Capitalists’ Strategic Checks?

A lot of people understand that corporate investors tend to invest for strategic reasons rather than financial. It’s great if they make money on the investment, but they are primarily looking for some other benefit that supports the goals of their organization.

It may surprise many to find out that venture capitalists also write strategic checks. Here are some of the scenarios that come to mind:

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Here’s A Strange Practice Among Japanese Startups That Needs To Stop

One of the strange characteristics of the Japanese startup market is that founders often give their company and the product or service that the company provides different names. And it is not even done in the format “Tesla Model S” or “Adobe Photoshop,” where the company name precedes the product name. It is done in a way where the URL and all the branding is done completely separately, where it would be “Model S” or “Photoshop.” I am not aware of anywhere else where this is common.

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When Should You Talk to an Investor?

The other day I was speaking at an event with Hiro Maeda of Beenext, and an audience member asked us when we thought it would be a good time to start talking to potential investors. This person wanted to know whether it was okay to start talking to an investor before he needed to raise.  

This is a tricky question because it depends on the investor. Here are two ways to think about it.

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